Community Mediation

Provided by Relationships Scotland - Shetland

Community Mediation is an internationally recognised effective way of dealing with neighbour disputes.

Community Mediation services, deal with a wide range of neighbour disputes, including issues around noise, children, boundaries, use of common areas, abusive behaviour, vehicles, rubbish, pets and a wide variety of other issues.

Mediation works according to the following principles:
•Mediators are neutral
•The mediation process gives both parties the opportunity to be fully heard and to hear what the other side of the story is.
•Mediators do not pass judgement or impose solutions
•The dispute is not aired in public – mediation is a private process
•Rather than dwelling on past events, mediation aims to focus on what is going to happen and how people will behave towards one another in he future.
•Because mediation is informal it can be a quick and comparatively cheap method of resolving disputes.

The service is free, confidential, independent and voluntary. Referrals to CM can be made by any agency or individual.

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